Belt Press

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Hydroflux can provide a range of belt presses with up to 3 m belt width which allows for treatment of very large flows.

The belt presses are designed with thickening trommels or gravity drainage decks to further increase the capacity for lightly loaded slurries ranging in size from 0.5 m to 3 m belt width

  • Very high capacities
  • Proven process
  • Low capital cost
  • Suitable for many different type of primary and biological sludges

Capacities and models

The Hydroflux belt press is available with belt widths ranging from 500mm to 3000mm. The capacity of a belt press is based on a combination of hydraulic and solids loads. Please contact Hydroflux for more information

Model NumberMax Hydraulic flow (m³/h)*Max solids load (kg/h)
HY-PRESS™ 5001-480-100
HY-PRESS™ 10004-8160-200
HY-PRESS™ 15006-12240-300
HY-PRESS™ 20008-16320-400
HY-PRESS™ 250016-25400-500

*typical capacities, consult Hydroflux Industrial for specific data