Hydroflux is a leading supplier of high-quality industrial water and wastewater treatment equipment in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, we offer a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of businesses across a variety of industries. Our products include wastewater treatment plants and systems, sludge dewatering equipment, water recycling and reuse solutions, and more.

At Hydroflux Industrial, we understand the technical requirements of industrial water and wastewater treatment. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices, and we use this expertise to develop products that deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

In addition to our focus on technical excellence, we are also committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. We have achieved carbon neutrality and are constantly exploring new ways to minimize our environmental impact.

Whether you need to comply with regulations, reduce your environmental impact, or simply improve the efficiency of your operations, our products are designed to meet your specific requirements. Browse our range of products below or get in touch with us to discuss your technical needs and find the right solution for your business.

Industrial Wastewater

Dissolved Air Flotation – DAF

The HyDAF Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system’s simplicity and exceptional performance in industrial applications are just two of the reasons why the HyDAF is the Dissolved Air Flotation system of choice for primary industrial wastewater treatment today.

Biological Systems

Hydroflux Industrial design and construct a comprehensive range of advanced and sustainable anaerobic and aerobic biological systems for wastewater treatment.

HyPURE® Membrane filtration

Hydroflux design, supply and install high quality HyPURE® membrane filtration systems suitable for treatment of ultrapure water, process water and wastewater. Hydroflux has extensive experience in the integration of its HyPURE® membrane range into Advanced Water Treatment Plants.


Hydroflux construct a comprehensive range of clarifiers and lamella separators with over 330 units installed throughout Australasia, Middle East and UK dating back to 1962.

Inlet Screens

In industrial applications, screening is essential as the first stage of treatment to remove bulk solids that would otherwise increase the solids and organic load on downstream plant.

Chemical Handling and Dosing

The use of the correct chemicals and chemical doing equipment is essential to the effective operation of your water or…

Process Water

HyPURE® Membrane filtration

Hydroflux design, supply and install high quality HyPURE® membrane filtration systems suitable for treatment of ultrapure water, process water and wastewater. Hydroflux has extensive experience in the integration of its HyPURE® membrane range into Advanced Water Treatment Plants.

Raw Water Intake Screens

Flootech Oy offer a wide range of High Flow Raw Water Screen Solutions to treat various water sources with flow capacities up to 50,000m3/hr
The screening solutions can be used for fresh and seawater intakes and aquaculture.

Ion Exchange

Hydroflux® design and manufacture a wide range of ion exchange solutions for industrial water and wastewater treatment. These systems range...

Package Potable WTP

MENA Water offer a range of packaged Water Treatment Plants (WTP) to treat stream, river, dam, pond and other water...

Multimedia Filtration

The HyPURE Multimedia filtration system is a compact, robust and economical solution designed and manufactured by Hydroflux. With nearly 50...


Biomethane Upgrading

Biomethane, also known as renewable natural gas, is a form of biogas that has been processed to remove impurities and...

Gas Storage Membranes

Hydroflux has partnered with Baur Folien GmbH based in Germany, a market leader and specialists in the selection, design, supply,...

Biogas Equipment

Hydroflux can supply a range of biogas treatment systems that are engineered to maximise the recovery and utilisation and will...

Waste To Energy Plants

From the concept design to the completed project. We can support you all the way. Approximately 1000 facilities are being...

Solid Waste Digestion

AAT & Hydroflux provide solutions, no matter from what source material you generate biogas. AAT plants have been in operation...

Biogas Flares

The MTU series Biogas Flare is an enclosed, natural draught flare for the safe and efficient combustion of biogas, sewage…

Covered Anaerobic Lagoons (CAL)

Covered anaerobic lagoons are ideal for the treatment of  industrial wastewaters with high organic loads and will often convert up…

High-Rate Anaerobic Systems UASB & ECSB

UASB and ECSB high-rate anaerobic treatment plants are ideal for industrial wastewaters with high COD concentrations.

Sludge Dewatering

Belt Press

Hydroflux can provide a range of belt presses with up to 3 m belt width which allows for treatment of…

Screw Press

The HUBER Q-PRESS® RoS3Q Inclined Sludge Press is a unique sludge dewatering machine developed by HUBER over 20 years ago…

Dewatering – Design and Construct

Whether the most suitable sludge dewatering technology for your application is a screw press, CakeMax® filter press, belt press or…

CakeMax® Filter Press

The Hydroflux chamber CakeMax® filter press is a batch dewatering system and is ideally suited to small to medium volumes…

Complete Dewatering Systems

Hydroflux Industrial not only supply dewatering equipment such as Belt Presses, Screw Presses, Filter Presses and Centrifuges but we have...

Design and Construct

Design and Construct

Hydroflux design capabilities include all those necessary to conduct a complete turnkey design and construct contract.

Industry Expertise


Hydroflux have a range of bespoke water solutions for the power industry. A snapshot of our capabilities are highlighted below....


Hydroflux has many years of expertise in the  treatment of wastewater from beverage facilities as well as the design and...

Food Processing

The Hydroflux team has installed hundreds of wastewater treatment plants for many different food manufacturing facilities from bakeries to vegetable...


Hydroflux Industrial has extensive experience in the design and construction of wastewater treatment plants, hygienic process water, and cow water recovery...


Whether your poultry processing plant is in an urban or regional area, and you discharge wastewater to trade waste or...