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Defending Australia’s MBR Plants for Over 15 Years

June 20, 2024

Both HUBER and Hydroflux have a long background with membrane bioreactor (MBR) fine screening applications specific to Australian conditions. Several...

Hydroflux to Upgrade Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cairns

June 18, 2024

The Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) owned and operated by Cairns Water is an advanced treatment facility that utilises a...

Maximising Water Recovery in Potable Water Treatment

June 11, 2024

Conserving water plays a crucial role when designing a treatment facility that provides drinking water to a community. Many treatment...

EarthLoc®: Non-Toxic Erosion Control and Dust Suppression

June 6, 2024

EarthLoc® is a specialised non-toxic, non-hazardous liquid concentrate designed to help control environmental erosion and to suppress dusting of stockpiles...

Sustainable Wastewater Treatment: Selecting the Right Process for Manufacturing Applications

June 4, 2024

Building resilience against water scarcity, future compliance changes and balancing energy demand for industrial manufacturers can be supplemented or addressed...

Supporting Partnerships in PNG: From Coffee Growing to Sewage Treatment

May 30, 2024

At the core of sustainable development is an often-unsung hero right at the end of the list: UNSDG 17 Partnerships...

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