Food and Beverage

Australia’s Leading Food and Beverage Water Company

Hydroflux Industrial is widely recognised as a leader in process water treatment, industrial wastewater solutions and sludge management in the Food and Beverage sector. We are renowned for our innovative products, comprehensive solutions, turnkey construction abilities, and commitment to sustainability.

We offer an array of advanced systems from trade waste treatment plants to sophisticated recycling units and process water treatment systems. Our designs and proprietary products ensures optimal performance at all times for a diverse range of Food and Beverage applications.

Supported by one of the largest teams of experienced industrial wastewater professionals, we have successfully completed hundreds of significant and groundbreaking projects across Australia. This extensive expertise solidifies Hydroflux Industrial’s role in being the preferred water and wastewater treatment company for many international and local Food and Beverage conglomerates.

Wastewater Treatment and Sludge Management Solutions

Hydroflux excels in providing cutting-edge wastewater treatment solutions tailored for the food and beverage industry. Whether the project involves implementing a basic HyDAF dissolved air flotation system for trade waste treatment or a sophisticated biological system to enable environmental discharge or reuse, Hydroflux possesses the expertise and experience to deliver optimal results. Our solutions and processes are designed to ensure high efficiency, low OPEX and full compliance with regulatory standards.

Advanced Process Water Solutions for Food and Beverage processors

Hydroflux Industrial provides tailored process water solutions that leverage advanced technologies to meet the diverse and stringent requirements of the food and beverage sector. Whether it involves designing hygienic or non-hygienic process water systems using filtration, adsorption, membranes, ion exchange, or demineralisation techniques, our innovative approach guarantees optimal performance and adherence to regulatory and any client specific standards.

Turnkey Solutions and Carbon-Neutral Commitment in Water Treatment

Hydroflux undertakes turnkey design and construction contracts, with our locally-based project managers bringing extensive experience in constructing wastewater and process water treatment plants. We execute all projects under externally approved management systems, ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance. As a certified carbon neutral organisation, partnering allows you to manage your water treatment needs without increasing your carbon footprint, while actively supporting verified and positive action on climate change.

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