The Hydroflux Group of companies provide cost effective and reliable water treatment systems that are designed to sustainably recycle water generated from infrastructure projects or allow environmental discharge under the increasingly stringent requirements. 

Whether the water simply requires gross solids removal and handling such as that typically generated during surface works, or more complex processes requiring the removal of metals, hydrocarbons, PFAS and other substances frequently found in groundwater, Hydroflux has decades of  experience and many proven and sustainable  solutions.

Hydroflux has proven experience in the design and construction of systems in the following applications:

Construction Water

Treatment of construction water from surface works is relatively straight forward and generally only requires a high degree of solids…

Permanent plants

Treatment of ground water entering underground developments represents a number of challenges due a high variability in flow and the…

Conventional packaged sewage treatment plants or containerised MBR systems are available via Hydroflux Epco.

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