Biological Systems

Hydroflux Industrial design and construct a comprehensive range of advanced and sustainable anaerobic and aerobic biological systems for wastewater treatment.

Please contact Hydroflux on 1300 417 697 for a discussion about the most suitable biological process for your application.

Biological Systems Products

HySmart® SBR

Sequencing Biological Reactors (SBRs) are renowned as being one of the most robust and reliable biological systems available for Industrial...

Flootech MBBR

The MBBR process is a highly flexible aerobic process ideally suited to the variability found in industrial wastewaters. Some of the main...

AEROSTRIP® Fine Bubble Diffusers

The AEROSTRIP® Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser is a strip diffuser, for use in continuous and intermittent biological processes.

Covered Anaerobic Lagoons (CAL)

Covered anaerobic lagoons are ideal for the treatment of  industrial wastewaters with high organic loads and will often convert up…

High-Rate Anaerobic Systems UASB & ECSB

UASB and ECSB high-rate anaerobic treatment plants are ideal for industrial wastewaters with high COD concentrations.

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

Hydroflux supply a comprehensive range of membrane bioreactors based on preassembled modular units and large custom designed treatment plants. The...

Activated Sludge

Activated sludge is a conventional aerobic process that has its place industrial wastewater treatment. Some of the main features of...