Hydroflux Industrial is the wastewater treatment expert for industry

At Hydroflux, we strive to provide our customers the most practical, efficient and commercially sound solutions that consistently perform.

Working across all industries including meat processing, dairies, general food processing, beverage, manufacturing, mining, power and infrastructure construction our industrial water, wastewater and sludge handing specialists deliver sustainable designs, equipment and turnkey solutions.

Industrial Wastewater

Hydroflux has wealth of experience and many proprietary products designed exclusively for the treatment of industrial wastewater.
Primary treatment equipment includes various screens, highly efficient and compact HyDAF systems and a range of clarification processes. Hydroflux biological processes include; SBR’s, MBR’s, MBBR’s, Activated Sludge Plants, Covered Anaerobic Lagoons, high-rate anaerobic systems and anaerobic digestion.

Process Water

Hydroflux has a range of products designed to generate process water including; Multimedia Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Ion Exchange, Demineralisation, Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, the unique NX Nano Filtration systems, and Reverse Osmosis.


Hydroflux offers a range of products and services designed to generate energy from process water, sludge and biosolids, including; anaerobic digester systems, biogas storage, biogas treatment, gas flares, H2S removal systems and scrubbers, biogas blowers, activated carbon filters and biomethane upgrading.

Sludge Dewatering

Hydroflux Industrial has a wealth of experience in dewatering processes for primary and biological sludge using screw presses, CakeMax® filter presses, belt presses, centrifuges and more. We will always select the most appropriate machine for your application.

Design and Construct

Hydroflux design capabilities include all those necessary to conduct a complete turnkey design and construct contract.

Industry Expertise

Hydroflux Industrial has a wealth of experience in the treatment of water and wastewater from a variety of industries. ​

Support & Spares

Our Hydroflux Utilities Company specialises in providing the expert specialist assistance to keep your Hydroflux plant operating.