Sludge Removal Systems

Hydroflux have provided over 330 clarifier units throughout Australasia, Middle East and UK with installations dating back to 1962. Lamellar augmented separator/clarifiers offer enhanced performance and space savings and are available with a range of sludge removal systems to suit different applications

As a pioneer in Australia, Hydroflux continues to offer EPCO Australia’s complete design, build, install and refurbishment service. Our commitment to our clients does not end with the delivery of the project and we support our clients so that that their plants continue to operate at their full design capacity well into the future.

Sludge Removal Systems Products


The HeadMax® hydraulic suction system is designed for sludge removal in activated sludge treatment with partial or complete nitrification processes....


The LogMax® logarithmic sludge plow is designed for collection of lighter suspended sludges. While optimum angle is approximately 30° at...


The VeeMax® Chevron pattern sludge plow is designed for heavy, relatively viscous, sludges such as those in water treatment where...